This one needs very little explanation. If you’ve paid $8 for an ice cube I’m pretty sure you know you SUCK.  I mean seriously there is absolutely no way to justify doing this no matter how much money you have.  The company making these says that using these $8 dollar ice cubes “allows differentiation from those consuming a premium drink from those with less discerning taste”.

Let me clear something up here. If you are the asshole drinking 8 dollar ice YOU SUCK.  But, if you’re the guy with the Miller Lite next to him and are jealous of his 8 dollar ice cube YOU SUCK MORE. Seriously people!

Thanks to Jenny F for the tip. Have you seen a product that totally sucks?  Email it to us at thisproductsucks at gmail dot com and I’ll give it a mention on here (if I agree that it sucks that is). Be sure to include your name or nickname as you want it displayed.