December 10, 2009

Despite my absence (yes, I am well aware that I suck) it’s good to know that the same people STILL SUCK.  A few months ago I blogged about how much Kanye West sucks and it seems he was inspired him to become an even bigger ass.  I don’t think I need to explain the VMA incident to you, but hey it’s nice to know that Kanye is continuing to prove me RIGHT!

Back in the summer I also blogged about how much the Real Housewives embarrassing NJ SUCKED. Well, though they are not back (YET!) a new even more obnoxious crew is doing their duty embarrassing the state.  Look, I know NJ has plenty of problems and I’m not even sure why I live here most of the time, but we sure as hell don’t need these losers making us look any worse than we already are. Take that Jersey Shore!

So in summary, while I do suck for abandoning you lovers of all things sucky, at least you know my judgements of people and things that suck are right on!


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